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Gold Inlay Tungsten Carbide� Black Brushed Wedding Band Ring for Men�

If you like your palette bold and powerful, you cannot go past pairing these two tones! It doesn't overpower though, with the black brushed tungsten retaining some mystery, allowing the brushed high polish gold finish to really shine.

Surface Width:�6 mm


Size: US Ring Size 8,9,10, 11

Material: High-quality tungsten

Why Buy From�Us.

  • All of our Tungsten stock is made from genuine high grade, high-quality Tungsten.
  • Each item is not only of the highest quality but priced at a fraction of the standard retail price.
  • Tungsten rings are not only an extremely tasteful choice, but are extremely durable� making them a popular choice for both style and their lasting quality.
  • In most cases, you will find that our rings are generally half the price of those found in� traditional jewellery stores, which is due to our strong international import ties and generally, lower overheads.

Gold Inlay Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring

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