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Rich Natural Colours: The Elm is a unique, handcrafted accessory for women. This sustainable wristwatch showcases the natural red-brown hues of Red Sandalwood, with silver accents providing an upscale shine to the band and the bezel. The circular watch face is braced with a thin wooden bezel, again contrasting the natural wood with a modern flare.

Discrete Detailing: Designed for everyday use, The Elm is handmade from durable Red Sandalwood with Stainless Steel elements for improved strength and style. The closed grain of Red Sandalwood makes it perfect for carving, and�the natural grain patterns dress The Elm with intricate and unique detailing.

Kinder to Nature: The Elm is handmade from recycled wood furniture, so no deforestation. We use low-energy production techniques to upcycle this astonishing timepiece, why not buy Mother Nature some time?�

Offsetting our Carbon: We operate with little to no carbon emissions. To achieve this 250kg of carbon is removed from the atmosphere per order, we operate a carbon-negative workforce and all shipping of our vegan watches and straps is carbon neutral. Finally, we invest in reforestation, planting 10 trees with every order to help our planet breathe.

The Elm Watch

SKU: 5065012963052-27212276
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